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Dealing with and learning how to get over depression is never easy, nor comfortable, for anyone in this world. It’s hard to fake a smile when it seems as if everything around you is crashing down. Unfortunately, many people turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with their depression, but there are many healthier ways to get over depression that aren’t so detrimental to your physical or emotional health.
When you’re attempting to get over your depression, it’s important that you stay away from drugs or alcohol. Drinking or drugging to cope with bad feelings leads to abuse, when in return can become a major problem in your life.  Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease that is becoming much more common throughout our communities, especially among the newer generations. Drinking or drugging to make yourself “feel better” will soon begin to make you and your life unmanageable, and you may start to suffer some consequences as a result of this poor coping mechanism. If you can learn how to deal with your depression in a healthier way, the outcome of getting over it will be far greater.
  1. Exercise: When you exercise, not only do you get out of your head, but it makes you feel better about yourself and released endorphins in the brain for an immediate “natural high.”
  2. Meditate: Meditation can be tricky for some people, but that is because it is portrayed as this “sacred art.” There are many different forms of meditation and they are all effective if you keep your mind open. Something little such as listening to music or sitting in the sun can turn your day around and bring a smile to your face.
  3. Do something creative: We are all creative in this world; it’s just the fact of letting your creative side out of its cage. When you are trying to get over depression, you can get out of your head by writing a poem, painting a picture, playing an instrument, or even learning a new skill.
  4. Hangout with awesome people: When you surround yourself with positive and happy people, there is very limited room for negativity or sadness.
  5. Talk to someone and/ or ask for help: When you are able to confide into someone (whether it’s a friend or even a therapist), they will not only know that something is going on but they may even say something to you that could turn your day around.


Depression is a medical illness that people suffer with every day. Sometimes things seem as if they’re never going to get better, but they do and they will. Substance abuse and suicide are no way to deal with depression, and if you want to learn how to get over depression, we urge you to find professional help or at least share it with someone.

You don’t have to be alone through this and we are here to help. If you would like help with teenager depression or substance abuse, call Key Healthcare today. We provide the best mental health treatment for teens which can help you. Especially with our teen rehab aftercare program, we ensure that recovery is not just a phase but a sustainable journey. Contact us today for the help! We want you to know that this is temporary and you CAN have your life back. Recovery is possible and we want to be there every step of your journey. Call for help today at 800.421.4364.