If your teen has been struggling with substance abuse or mental health disorders you may be overwhelmed handling it on your own. Admitting your teen into our treatment center could be the first step towards healing and restoring balance in their life. Understanding how the teen treatment admissions process works can give you the piece of mind to move forward. Our admissions process is both thorough and efficient to get your teen the support they need as quickly as possible.

What to Expect

The Admissions Process

We strive to make the Key Healthcare admissions process as stress-free as possible. Our goal during the admissions process is to get to know your teen so we can develop the appropriate treatment program for them, and for you to get to know us so you know we’re the perfect fit. One of the treatment options we offer is a residential treatment for teens, which is designed to provide a supportive and structured environment for adolescents dealing with severe issues. After completing an in-depth assessment about your child, we’ll be able to provide our recommendation on whether this program, or another, is the best fit for your child’s condition and its severity.

Throughout the admissions process we’re here to answer any questions you may have. We also take the time to prepare your family for what you can expect while your child is attending treatment. Once you feel confident and all necessary forms are completed, your child will be officially enrolled in the program of your choosing.

A young teen learning to play guitar with the help of an adult, illustrating the supportive, educational approach of Key Healthcare's treatment process

Getting Started

Steps of Our Admissions Process

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Get in Touch

To begin our admissions process, contact us by filling out our online form, or by scheduling a consultation.
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Insurance Verification and Assessment

Next, we’ll send over our initial assessment so we can get to know more about the issues your child is experiencing. We’ll also look to verify your insurance benefits.
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In-Person Facility Tour

Lastly, we’ll have you come visit our teen treatment center in-person to meet our staff and see exactly where treatment takes place.

Educational Support

Academics at Key Healthcare

We understand that your child still needs to stay on track academically, which is why we provide a full, grade-appropriate online curriculum. Before beginning their curriculum, our patients will complete an academic assessment so they are placed in the right courses for their current education level. Teens in our programs will complete coursework for three hours each weekday before beginning daily therapy sessions.
Teens will also have the opportunity for credit recovery if necessary due to their condition or substance abuse. We have on-site academic coaches to help your child with their school work as well as access to online tutors for more advanced coursework.
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Insurances We Accept

Up to 100% of the Costs Covered by Insurance

Key Healthcare works with a majority of health insurance providers and depending on your plan, 100% of the costs may be covered. Verify your insurance to get more information about your coverage.
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