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The right kind of teen drug treatment is pivotal for adolescents, young growing brains to avoid unfortunate repercussions in later life. Without qualified and certified treatment specifically designed for their age, teenagers’ futures may have a lot of trouble. Get professional help today and Enroll in the troubled youth residential program for drug addiction rehab in Brentwood.

The right kind of teen drug treatment is pivotal for adolescents, young growing brains to avoid unfortunate repercussions in later life. Without qualified and certified treatment specifically designed for their age, the future of teenagers may hold a lot of trouble. Get professional help today and Enrol for the program for teen drug addiction rehab in Brentwood.
To all the parents of drug-addicted adolescents who want to enrol their child in specialized teen drug addiction treatment in Brentwood (90210), KeyHealthcare offers them a tailored Teen Drug Addiction treatment, specifically designed for teenagers (13-17 years).
We follow a unique 12-Step Teen Outpatient Program having different therapeutic approaches that address the specific emotional and psychological needs of the teenagers helping them make a solid comeback to their everyday lives without any relapse.
Our Therapies include Individual Teen Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, and Mentorship programs for all sorts of substance abuse treatment programs for teens: Cocaine Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Xanax Addiction Treatment, Marijuana Addiction Treatment, and Opioid Addiction Treatment.

We feel proud when we succeed to bring changes in our client’s life. We cherish reviews and feedback from parents of teens enrolled with us, bestowed to appreciate and show their trust with us.

A supportive adult engaging with a teenager, representing the guidance provided in Key Healthcare's teen cocaine addiction treatment

What is Teen Drug Addiction?

A lot of teens are dealing with drug abuse. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 61% of 8th graders have been using drugs in the past year, 62% of teenagers in 12th grade have abused alcohol, and 50% of teenagers have misused a drug at least once.

Drug Addiction is a chronic brain disease that changes the structure and functioning of the teen brain, leading to increased vulnerability to other addictions. This serious mental condition is characterized by uncontrollable behaviour and compulsive drug-seeking methods. Teenage Drug Addiction can have severe adverse effects on academic performances, personal relationships, quality of life, and future career prospects.

Teen Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Brentwood encompasses a different and unique method of therapy, establishing a process through which an addicted teen undergoes a life-changing reconstruction process to gain sobriety.

Teenagers consider the consumption of drugs and alcohol as an essential part of adulting despite their harmful consequences.

Among all other causes of Drug addiction in teens, the most petrifying one is how drugs are now normalized with the advent of social media, and as a parent, it has become scary to us.

Keyhealthcare takes it as their responsibility to spread facts about teen drug addiction and how parents with proper awareness and intervention can help their teen child to overcome the desperation and build a better life. With help of our expert, we have written a few well-researched blogs that we recommend addicted teen parents in Brentwood to read.

Types of Teen Drug Addiction Treatment:

All the recovery treatment programs for teens are tailored according to patients’ needs and drug addiction stages. In order to build trust and comfort, we follow a unique and transparent approach to connect with clients while restoring their physical wellbeing and functioning.
With an overview of the recovery programs, the Teen Drug Addiction Treatment options available with Keyhealthcare are:

Treatment Age Featured
Teenage Intensive Outpatient Program 14-17 years Restoring the client’s physical well-being, the treatment is scheduled with 9 hours of classes in a week, making it ideal for the schoolers to continue with their schools in Brentwood simultaneously.
Partial Hospitalization Program: 14-21 years With a running time of 8 hours in 4 days a week, it is ideal for candidates capable of minimal functioning and does not pose a threat for self-harm.
Key Housing(Sober Living) 14-17 years Teenagers who require 24/7 support and pose a threat to themselves and the people around them are ideal for this clinically intensive program.
Residential Treatment Program 14-21 years Depending on the severity of drug addiction, this aftercare program is specially tailored for teen boys who have completed their wilderness or primary treatments.

How to Recognize Drug Addiction in Teens?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Drug Addiction leads to behavioral changes, impairing the brain and body functions, and may lead to the initial stages of depression and anxiety. Therefore, addicted youth in Brentwood needs clinical and emotional attention to impede any further young brain’s deterioration in the long run.

Some of the common symptoms reflecting drug addiction in teens are

  • Sleep Disorders: The teen might suffer insomnia or sleep for many hours.
  • Petty theft: Stealing cash or cards to purchase drugs.
  • Dosage Increase: If the drugs are consumed for a longer time, it creates tolerance where the teen might try to increase their dosage to get the same effects.
  • Psychological Problems: Easily irritable, moody, and anger management issues will indicate the addiction.
  • Poor Performance: Memory loss and poor coordination will lead to performance downfall in teens’ scholar years.
  • Physiological Features: Bad breath, red eyes, running nose, and sudden weight loss also reflect drug addiction.

How to Reach Keyhealthcare Centre at Brentwood?

Key Healthcare Treatment Center is located on the Westside of Los Angeles, which makes it a convenient and accessible location for residents of Brentwood and surrounding areas. Patients who live in the area can access our facility by driving or taking public transportation.

How to drive from Brentwood via car?

FAQs about Teen Depression Treatment:

How long does the rehab session last for teenagers?
Keyhealthcare offers flexible treatment with various options for their patients, with an extended period of 30-120 days. In addition, the Adolescent Teen Outpatient Program as drug addcition treatment will last for 4-8 weeks, focusing on life management skills with an innovative approach curated especially for the 14-17 years of age group.
One of my friend's son is struggling with drug addiction in Brentwood. Can you please suggest a rehabilitation center?
Keyhealthcare Centre in Brentwood offers a variety of teen treatment programs for kids aged between 14-17 years, helping them gain sobriety and fight co-occurring mental health disorders with therapies and unique approaches. Please call our helpline number (213) 319-5957 for immediate response.
What is the effect of teenage drug addiction in adult life?
Drug Addiction is a chronic brain disease that can negatively affect personal relations, academic performance, and quality of life. It impairs the brain and body functions, leading to increased anger and frequent mood changes. If unaddressed, drug addiction can affect the structure and functioning of the brain in the long run-run. Intensive Outpatient treatment program, teenagers learn life-management skills, not just in a group setting but with an innovative approach developed specifically for this age group.
Is there Any medical store near your center?
We have CVS Drug store at Wellworth Ave selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items., closest drug store to our center.
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