Category: Mental Health

5 Strategies for Parents to Help Lack of Motivation in Teens

August 8, 2022

Does your child seem unenthusiastic about learning new things? Are they not accomplishing their homework or household chores? Or do […]

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Ultimate Guide to Antidepressants for Teens– How Antidepressants Work

June 18, 2022

What Causes Depression In Teens? Depression is a severe illness that has a detrimental impact on how someone thinks, feels, […]

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Psychiatric Evaluations for Teenagers

June 9, 2022

A teen’s behaviors, hormonal changes, school-related tensions, social troubles, health history, mental health issues, family relationships, emotional well-being, physical health […]

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Teen Depression Ultimate Guide for Parents

June 7, 2022

Teen Depression – Ultimate Guide for Parents The teenage years are challenging periods for both the teenager and the parent. […]

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