how do I know if my teen is high

How Do I Know if My Teen is High?

Unfortunately, teen drug addiction has become a common thing among Los Angeles teenagers. Los Angeles Public health department reports a staggering 12.6% of youth today use Marijuana. The more drugs that are introduced into society, the more it becomes a matter of concern for the parents. Even if we leave out alcohol, cigarettes, etc., there are many more addictive substances that can be harmful to your children. According to a few surveys, 22% of 12th graders use marijuana to get high regularly. Teens who use marijuana rarely consider it to be a drug.

Surveys based on the responses of teens addicted to marijuana report that teenagers doubt it is dangerous, and they get it at affordable prices, especially in Los Angeles and California. Teen marijuana addiction is becoming much more prevalent due to the legalization of cannabis in California and states across the country. Some teens stated stress and depression as a reason for smoking marijuana. They say the high that marijuana provides helps them cope with their anxiety, depression, stress, etc. Many of them also said they smoke marijuana purely for enjoyment.

As governments have developed new laws concerning medicinal and recreational marijuana, it has become more of a concern for parents. Many people believe this makes the drug more accessible to teens.
If you have often asked yourself “how do I know if my teen is high” and think your teenager is under the influence of any drug, it will help if you observe them and notice changes in behavior or patterns before asking them about it directly. Specifically, notice if there is any change in their behavior, lifestyle, eating and sleeping patterns.
Many parents think it will be hard for them to determine if their teen is high or not. However, it is not as difficult as many believe. Paying attention to a few basic things, including signs of marijuana use in teens can help you unveil the truth about whether your teen is doing drugs.

Facts about Marijuana and Addiction

The first step towards identifying marijuana usage is to know more about the drug. Most times, teenagers will lie to their parents about their knowledge of marijuana. Sit down and discuss it with your teen. Marijuana is a mix of dried plants, flowers, leaves, stems, etc. You might see some greenish, grayish, or brownish dry leaves. Marijuana users purchase these shredded or crushed dry mixes of the cannabis plant and roll it into a cigarette to smoke. However, that is not the only way to consume it. Many use a bong or pipe to smoke it. Some teens even put marijuana inside food items. Some mix it with desserts, some mix it with ice, tea, or coffee.

Teens will do just about anything to conceal weed from their parents, so they don’t have to be sent to a teen marijuana rehab, or one of the many adolescent residential treatment centers. Look out for substances in places where they don’t let anyone touch. Giving your child their private space is essential, but as a parent, you may invade their personal space if there is something to be concerned about. Check their drawers, closet, under the bed, bookbags, jacket pockets, behind pictures and posters, inside bean bags, under mattresses, etc.

When you find them hiding behind closed doors for long periods of time or coming back home from unknown destinations, try to engage them in conversation. If they have been using marijuana, they will try their best to avoid any contact with you. Try to look straight at their eyes and check if they are red. Your teen will try to avoid eye contact. They might also begin wearing sunglasses indoors. Constricted pupils, flushed and red cheeks, slurred speech, or heavy eyelids can all be signs of recent marijuana use. You might find them laughing for no reason or being aggressive when you ask them anything or touch their things. If this behavior is noticeable and common, your teen might need a teen marijuana abuse treatment program.

So, how do I know if my teen is high? Use your nose to smell if there is any unusual smell coming from their bedding, clothes, or backpack. Marijuana has a strong smell, and marijuana smoke leaves long lingering traces of the scent. Depending on the variety, marijuana can smell like damp earth, overripe fruit, or diesel fumes. Because the smell rarely occurs naturally in most settings, it is easily recognizable. Sometimes it is possible that your teen might be suffering from mental illness that’s the reason they might have started taking drugs so that they can be free from their thoughts so we can also help your child in fighting their mental problems. You can contact us today for your teen mental health treatment.

How Do I Know if My Teen is High on Marijuana?

Here are some symptoms or signs that will help you identify if your teen is high:
  • They will isolate themselves from family and friends
  • They may have issues with concentration
  • They will get easily confused by everyday things
  • They might become aggressive and violent
  • They will experience sudden, dramatic changes in mood
  • They will have less interaction with old friends
  • They will have a sudden change in appetite
  • They will often have red-rimmed eyes
  • They will seem less interested in previous past times
  • They may become extremely secretive about everything
  • An imbalanced sleeping schedule, either too much or too little sleep
  • They might have slurred speech or confuse words
  • There might be a drastic change in their weight
  • They may have a chronic runny nose
  • They will stop caring about their cleanliness and physical appearance
  • Change in cleaning habits
  • They may have burn marks on their lips and fingertips

if you find clues or hints that your teen is getting high on drugs, don’t overreact or panic. Have a conversation with your teenager to discuss ways to get help. Contact our experts at Key Healthcare in the Los Angeles area for a confidential conversation about our adolescent marijuana abuse treatment center and potentially enroll your child in a therapy program. If your teen has serious issues, we also have troubled teenager programs like intensive outpatient program for teens which is specially designed to help adolescents dealing with addiction challenges.

We are always there to help you and your teen return to a healthy lifestyle. The Key Healthcare team can assist any family emergency to get your teen marijuana treatment it is highly effective and helps teens see the better side of life, outside of drugs.