how to get my 16 year old son or daughter to stop smoking

How do you get your 16-year-old to stop smoking?

Cigarette smoking during the childhood and adolescent stages can cause serious health problems. Seeing your teen smoking is alarming, and it must be taken seriously. Do you know what to do when you find your child smoking? If you want a healthy lifestyle for them, you need to eliminate that bad habit as soon as possible.
As a parent, you are your kid’s best counselor. Since smoking is detrimental to their health, so it is better to prevent the act before it becomes a habit. You are in charge of their wellbeing, so help them live free from harm until they can take care of themselves.
Most effective ways to get your 16-year-old to stop smoking
You are immensely influential over your teenager, and you have the final say in your household, but how do you tell them to stop smoking?
Stay true to your convictions, do not let yourself be swayed, and make them listen and comply. Here is how you can do that:
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Keep the dialogue flowing
Start talking with your child about vaping and smoking as early as possible. You might not know if they will understand you at a very young age, but do not let that stop you. Keep having those conversations as your kids get older. They say, “Quitters never win,” so if you want to impart to them how toxic smoking is, you have to keep trying.
Try to convince them with facts

Ask your teen to stop smoking. Inform them about the harmful effects of tobacco, but make sure not to let them feel judged. Speak to them gently and with love. Do not let the situation get on your nerves because it will only make things worse.

Think more than just cigarettes
Do not limit yourself to talking about cigarettes only. Talk about smokeless tobacco, hookah, e-cigarettes, and all the dangers they pose. Explain to them that this habit can shorten their life span. Be creative and passionate in your talks.
Equip your kids for peer pressure
Tell them how they must act whenever a friend offers them something to smoke. Prepare them to deal with peer pressure. See to it that they spend their time with positive influences.
Walk the talk
You are supposed to be their role model, so make sure to act like it. If you smoke or vape, then you have to change for them. Quit, or at least don’t let them see you smoking. You should not be telling them to stop smoking just because you want to, but because you love them and want what is best for them.
Be considerate and listen
Instead of ranting about the bad habit of your child, listen to them. Let them speak freely. This will help you understand them and figure out the best approach. Afterward, speak softly about the negative consequences of smoking.
Say no to e-cigarettes

Your teen should know that there is not much difference between a typical cigarette and an e-cigarette. Both will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle or respiratory-related diseases since they contain harmful substances like nicotine.

Smoke–free home
Set an example of not allowing any smoking at home, even if you (the parent) smokes. Stop smoking at home; kids tend to imitate others. That is why no member of the family should smoke. While you should not be pointing fingers, everyone must understand that nothing will work if someone smokes inside.
Make a plan together
Though many think that it is easy to stop smoking, research shows otherwise. Try making a plan together with your teen to achieve the best results. Here is some helpful advice:
Set goals
Why are you making this plan? Note the reasons why smoking has to stop. 
Set a target date
Seeing a deadline will keep you both motivated every day. Let them feel that their challenging journey has an expiration date.
Rebuke temptation
Include healthy and fun activities that your teen may engage in to distract themselves from the cravings.
A promise to remember
If your teen is about to give in, remind them of a promise that you made together in the past. Be with them and help them fight back.
Try some stop-smoking products
Give your child some stop-smoking products to raise their awareness on why their habit must be stopped.
Seek support from the experts

If you feel like all you have done so far is insufficient, do not hesitate to ask for expert advice or consider enrolling your teen in an teen addiction nicotine or teen iop program. They will gladly assist your child.

Be aware that smoking severely affects one’s physical attributes, like hair, teeth, and lungs. Many organizations fight every day against this habit. We are also such organisation in Los Angeles, Key Healthcare is a teen drug rehab center which can offer the best possible help by providing to teens so that they can cure their various addictions. It may not kill lives directly, but it decreases one’s lifespan. Remember, you have the power to help your teen live a lengthy, smoke-free life.