how to get your teenager to stop vaping
Throughout the years, smoking cigarettes have been a daily habit of millions of citizens in the US. It served as an unhealthy way for many to ease stress. Its popularity continued to grow; due to the public’s interest, businesses even designed and introduced e-cigarettes, better known today as vaping.

Learn about Vape's and the Risks involved

Vape is a battery-powered device that heats a liquid turning it to vapor. One of the most notable characteristics a vape offers is the flavor of liquid that the user can select. However, given that it is still a type of cigarette, it will still leave some adverse effects on the user’s body, specifically their respiratory system.
Given the popularity of e-cigarettes to teenagers, a significant percentage of the school’s population identifies as vape users. Based on a recent study, about 37% of 12th grade high school students admitted to using vapes in 2018, up from 28% in 2017.

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Even though vapes don’t have the same direct harmful effect as smoking cigarettes, the device’s flavored aerosol can still be a danger to one’s health. As mentioned, vape, a type of e-cigarette, usually offers various flavors to its users, attracting customers to buy more. (e.g., chocolate, marshmallow, nicotine, marijuana, etc.) The convenience and reusability of vapes have made them all too casual amongst teenagers, despite the age limit to buy one. However, it still doesn’t stop several teenagers and young adults from smoking vape.

How to Get a Teenager to Stop Vaping

With this alarming discovery of 37% of all high school 12th-grade seniors vaping, this is a situation every parent should be on the look for. You need to talk with your teen about vaping. Let them know of the long-term consequences and also short term addiction it may cause.

See Some Tips Below on How To Make Your Teen Stop Vaping:

Ask Questions

  • What made you want to start Vaping?
  • What triggers your cravings?
  • What’s been stressing you out?
  • How could I help make quitting easier?
You may be wondering why it is necessary to ask these questions. Well, the main purpose is to develop an understanding as to why this behavior started. That way, you’ll know the steps to help your child move past this potential addiction.

Encourage your teen to share their concerns

  • Listen to your teenager and analysis their problems. 
Aside from that, another notable step you must take is communicating and relating well with your children. Most of the time, there are several hidden reasons as to why teenagers choose to smoke vape. Usually, peer pressure or even rebellion are the reasons behind such actions. Although, these changes in behavior still resonate with another thing that triggers them to rebel. Thus, making communication the safest solution.
Adolescents usually experience changes in their bodies, and it is normal. Although, such changes can affect one’s confidence level, which then affects one’s behavior. As a parent, you must ensure to let your children be open about themselves. Doing so helps you to guide them properly while these changes occur. When the time happens, and several insecurities pop up from your children and are not appropriately addressed, chances are, they turn to peers to find that new connection.

Be patient with your teen that Vapes

Remember, withdrawal can cause irritability, so you’ll need to be as understanding as possible.
Being open to your vulnerabilities after a long time of acting strong is challenging. It takes a long time before anyone can be confident about others seeing your flaws. That’s what your teens must feel, which is why it is essential to be patient.
Like other addiction solutions, people undergoing the withdrawal process may experience irritation. It is expected, especially if they have that severe itch to smoke, but have the reason to fight off that temptation. Furthermore, after prolonged use of vape, it will be challenging for them to have been a part of their daily activities before. That’s why if you want to help them out, please be understanding and help them out as long as you can.

Support, don't scold

Love and politeness is an excellent key for teenagers.
Another great way to let them know you are there for them is by showing your sincerity and willingness to help them in this journey. It would be a great help when they know they have a support system. With that factor, the urge to do better and change their habits will be successful as someone (you), believes in them unconditionally.

Seek out tools and resources

Consult with experts about vaping addiction
Meanwhile, you can also understand how to stop your child from smoking entirely through professional help. Undergoing the withdrawal process can be challenging, so an expert’s point of view is highly needed. Usually, relapse may occur, especially if the treatment is not followed correctly. That’s why to avoid this turn of events; it is recommended to seek professional help.

Encourage them to plan

Talk to teens with vaping addiction on how they will overcome vape temptation by using a plan.
Relapse is always there when temptations are present. Several cases both on alcohol and drugs show that it is bound to happen. However, anyone can fight them and be better as long as they know to avoid them right away. Thus, having a strong mindset is a must when such a situation occurs.
Help them build a list of actions and activities they can use to distract themselves when cravings strike.
Additionally, you can encourage them to have a plan or counter-action when temptations are present. One perfect example would be distracting oneself with other thoughts. That way, they won’t have the urge to try smoking again.

Stop inspiration platform

Set Limit on Social media
This particular step is also effective in terms of having a strong mindset. Letting them learn how to avoid such bad influences from social media can be a teenage smoking solution. Sometimes, what shows on social media sites (e.g., Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.) boosts one’s curiosity. If you want to know how to get your child to stop smoking, get rid of everything that may cause temptation.
Weave in the facts
If you get the sense from your conversations that your teen is vaping, even just occasionally, such as at parties, talk about the risks.
Now, there can be cases that even after talking, your child may still try smoking occasionally. That’s not a great habit as it can lead to daily activity all over again. As much as possible, try to refrain them from using the e-cigarette to avoid relapse of addiction.

Talk about the harmful effects of vaping on their health

Nicotine is bad for young brains
If ever all of the steps mentioned above are not working, you can always talk about facts. Let them know the reality of bad habits and what can happen if they continue to use such devices. It may be imposing, but it is still important to educate them about the health risks of using a vape.

Show the Money

  • Most teens don’t have enough cash to burn — they may be wasting money more than they realize the habit.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research found average rechargeable e-cigarette device costs an estimated of $10.33 in 2016. The disposable e-cigarette average cost is $8.01, a five-packed prefilled cartridge nearly cost $14.36, and one bottle of e-liquid will cost $6.83. An estimated of more than $1,000 could cost vaping a year
Aside from peer pressure, another triggering factor why most teenagers get a hold of e-cigarettes is their affordability. Since it is affordable, more teens can use vape and refill its cartridges. However, with multiple purchases of disposable vape, chances are, they may be spending much more. That’s why, if you want to lessen their dependence on vape, introducing them to other hobbies is a wise choice.

Let Them Know They Are Not Alone

  • Let your teen feel that even most of their friends are vaping; it doesn’t mean they all want to keep doing it. 
  • Other reports show that an average of 52.9% of middle-high school students who have used vape have tried to stop. “

In addition to our resources to help quit vaping, Key Healthcare also understands that some teens might be struggling with other substances; therefore, programs for those looking to detox from alcohol are also available. We believe in an inclusive approach to all aspects of teen health.

As mentioned, their smoking may have started because they are pressured to do so. Although, it doesn’t mean that your children should feel shame when their peers are still doing them. Remember that nicotine abuse through vaping can destroy one’s health. That’s why it is better to remind them to focus on what’s suitable for themselves rather than to respond with bad habits to fit in with their peers.

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