how to make sure my teen doesn't fake their drug test

How Do I Make Sure My Teen Doesn't Fake Their Drug Test?

Is Drug Testing Your Teen A Good Idea? Teen Drug abuse has become a common scenario these days. It is undoubtedly a matter of concern for every parent, and if you live in the greater Los Angeles area, statistically, your teen is at greater odds for drug abuse. If you or a teen you know is struggling from how to quit cocaine or any other harmful drug addiction, contact a qualified Los Angeles teen addiction treatment program to help.

The teen years are when kids explore their independence. Teens often exhibit high emotions, and boundary-testing behavior as individuals explore their identity and learn to navigate relationships and transition into independence. During the teen years, kids go through several changes, from changes in their minds to their bodies, which can confuse them and be difficult for their parents.
As teenagers grow older they often become disrespectful, and their behavior may be challenging.
Teens are often less interested in things they previously loved—slamming doors, rolling eyes, cyber addiction, showing signs of being depressed. But if you see them getting more and more aggressive with every passing day, it may be smart to seek professional help. If you notice behaviors like skipping school, constant arguing, being violent, self-harm, harming others, being depressed, stressed, or anxious, you should seek professional help.

All of the above-mentioned behaviors can be signs of drug or alcohol use. Many teens experiment with illegal substances to impress their peers. Some teens, however, get hooked on these illicit substances. However, accusing your teen based on your doubt may not be a good idea. Even if your teen is in trouble, they probably won’t tell you the truth for fear of the consequences. What your child needs are love and support. If you’re wondering where to send troubled teenagers or what to do with a troubled teenager, it’s essential to approach the situation with care. Some parents, however, move ahead with a drug test, but how to make sure my teen doesn’t fake their drug test?? There are several home drug test kits available in the market to help parents confirm whether their teen is under the influence of drug abuse. Forcing your child to take a drug test at home implies that you do not trust or respect them. Commonly, this step leads to more of a strained relationship between parents and teens. So, if you want answers immediately and you are thinking about drug testing a teen, make sure they do not alter a drug test. To prevent the teen from altering a drug test, you need to give them the drug test on the spot, without prior warning. Just understand the teen will feel cornered and not be happy.

Drawbacks of At-Home Teen Drug Testing

  • The first problem with home drug testing is that home drug test kits may be inaccurate because at-home drug testing is not 100% accurate; however, at-home drug tests can be used as preliminary findings. These at-home test kits see a particular substance type. They may test and detect the presence of illegal drugs such as cocaine, opiates, marijuana, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and ecstasy. If your teen is taking medications that are not drugs of abuse and are used under doctors’ instructions, such as oxycodone or valium, which may show on most home drug tests. 
  • Home drug test kits only show you the result for the current situation, which means if your teen knows you plan to put them through the test, they can cheat. If they skip their substance a few days before the test, it will incorrectly provide negative test results.
  • Faking negative test results is possible. A few medicines or substances can mask the drugs in a human body and pass such tests. Some teens even use bleach in urine tests to pass the test.
  • Using clean urine or synthetic urine is common option teens use to cheat on drug tests. If you don’t know what this synthetic urine means, it is a powder that comprises some chemicals that turn into the urine when mixed with water. People often buy this online to pass their drug tests. Some teens use someone else’s urine to pass tests.

Ways to Prevent Your Teen From Cheating Their Drug Test

  • Instead of using home drug tests, take your teen to a physician. Professionals can prevent them from faking the results of their examination. A doctor may also use a hair follicle test or blood test, which is more reliable. 
  • Observation is essential when putting a teen through a drug test. When you take your teen to a professional, they will keep the entire test under strict observation, which will prevent the teen from cheating. However, if you want to use a home drug test for your teen, you can still stop them from cheating; all you need to do is make sure you observe them while taking the test.
In several surveys, teen drug users stated they cheated on their drug test because no one was there, and it was simple for them to use someone else’s clean urine or synthetic urine to pass the test.
  • Ensure frequent tests. According to several studies, frequent and random drug tests can help prevent your teen from doing drugs or cheating. Make sure you don’t let your teen know when you will give the test. A teen will be less likely to cheat if they know they might have to take the test any day, any time. Frequent tests can add up to a considerable amount of money, but the recovery of your child is much more important than that. Key Healthcare provides an industry-leading Los Angeles teen intensive outpatient program for adolescents struggling with behavioral and drug abuse. Teenagers are frequently drug tested by clinical professionals to assure their treatment path is staying honest.
  • As mentioned before, not all tests can detect each substance. Every test has its limitations, which means one type of test might not be enough to drug test your teen. We recommend you make your teen take all of them randomly. Faking one method of testing can be comfortable for a teen. However, faking multiple tests can be way too challenging for a teen.

Before you set up drug tests for your teen, make sure you have a plan. What is the next step if your child tests positive for drug use? Who will you turn to? At Key Healthcare, we have clinical counselors and mentors specially trained to work with adolescents struggling with drug addiction, teen Xanax abuse, and other drug abuse. We understand how to talk to them to find out the root cause of the problem. We can help your teen get back to a happy, sober, and healthy life. If you are in the Los Angeles area and need help, contact us for a free and confidential consultation.