is teen sober living right for my son

Is Teen Sober Living Right For My Son?

A life with independence, sobriety, love, and passion is something we all aspire to live. A life of drug dependence is a challenging life path that is hard to overcome. Teens suffering from drug abuse lead a vexing and unhealthy life and as such, sending them to rehab centers for treatment is the best way to solve their drug issues. Teen sober living in Los Angeles are a great next step for any adolescent boy who has completed teen drug rehab, or wilderness therapy programs.

Around 67% of admissions in various rehab centers are due to alcohol and substance use. As a side note, men are more prone to substance abuse than women. Young people tend to be reckless and experimental in their adolescence, and the cultural and environmental factors, as well as peer pressure, anxieties, or genetic background, make them vulnerable to substance abuse.

Living a Sober Lifestyle

A teen’s tolerance to misused substances will lead to a negative lifestyle, significantly affecting their mental, behavioral, emotional, and physical well-being. If not given appropriate medical attention, the consequences might even be fatal.
Various programs offer well-established teen residential treatment facilities and adolescent intensive outpatient programs around Los Angeles. The best teen sober living houses promote an active environment for teens and adults alike to develop a new outlook in life. A healthy environment with positive influences is crucial to make a full recovery. These places help patients to be more goal-oriented, disciplined, responsible, and optimistic. At the same time, they become more motivated to become a better version of themselves.

Suites and Solace

Teen Sober living programs include a stay-in allocation for patients and a well-defined treatment curriculum. Teens are provided with daily therapies to address their needs effectively as they transition back to normal, healthier, independent lifestyles.

From Fear to Freedom: A Transition

Fear and frustration are common feelings among teenagers that are about to be admitted into a treatment facility. They might be worried about how to adapt to a new environment. However, teen residential treatment facilities are safe places. They see to the needs of the patients until they achieve the optimum phase in their self-healing process. Teen Sober living programs are suitable for:

Transactional Living

Teen drug addiction treatment is not just about providing medication alone. It provides patients and parents information relevant to understanding the program’s goals and functions. These programs also emphasize a solid commitment to sobriety through daily routines and counseling. It’s a complete lifestyle and mental change for the adolescent.

Structured Environment

Fast-paced recovery is made possible when teen outpatients are placed in an environment to ensure their continued sobriety and personal growth. Rehab facilities offer some of the best sober living houses.
A structured environment is a place where patients are free from pressure, fear, and negative influences. In addition, it encourages them to hone their home and community-based relationships and self-appreciation. We help teens focus on their passions, goals, dreams, and focus less on their fears. Fears are great to be aware of, but they’re a distraction – we help teen really focuses on their mindset, which provides a great mental pathway for them to stay sober and overcome addiction in the long run.

Sober Living Benefits

Teen Sober living provides young people the opportunity to reflect and work on their holistic growth. Staying in treatment facilities makes them realize how to become more responsible.

Here Are More Teen Sober Living Benefits:

  • No drug use
  • Decreases psychiatric and behavioral symptoms
  • Leads to a goal-oriented and optimistic life
  • Builds feelings of acceptance and self-esteem
  • Establishes a sense of responsibility and discipline
  • Focus on family love, and growing emotionally with their family

Learning Accountability

Being mindful of the health risks of drug use and how to deter them is paramount to every teen drug addiction treatment. As such, Teen sober living programs ensure that teens undergoing recuperation are offered the educational support they will need.
Along with the counseling and therapeutic orientation, teens are also taught the following life skills:
  • Applying critical thinking and social skills
  • Effective communication
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Taking responsibility
  • Goal-directed study habits
  • Coping with stress and other emotional concerns
  • Developing a positive attitude and a good mindset

Teen Development

Adolescents start making progressive changes in their physical, emotional, behavioral, psychological, and social attributes throughout the teen treatment process.
  • Physical changes =  Reduced symptoms of drug use, healthy lifestyle of exercise and yoga.
  • emotional changes = Emotional management skills
  • Behavioral Changes = Deterred tolerance to drugs
  • Psychological Changes =  Having mindful thoughts and goals
  • Social Changes = Healthy social interactions towards the others

Transition Treatments

A structured facility for teens allows them to achieve the necessary intellectual, emotional and social transitions.
Teens undergoing therapy display intellectual progress in their thought processes, such as decision-making, response inhibition, and focused-driven mindset. While emotional and social transitions occur as they learn to cope with their anxieties by establishing positive relationships with others and practicing self-regulation when controlling their emotions. Our talented team of clinical staff members works 1-on1- with your teen and also promotes group therapy and family therapy.

Key Healthcare – A Pioneer in Teen Sober Living

Key Healthcare helps teens in their fight against substance abuse, Behavioral Issues, and Mental Health issues. We have the best designed teen mental health treatment which can help you to overcome your troubles. Hundreds of struggling young people in Los Angeles have been given new opportunities to reclaim their future from life-threatening drugs. Known for our evidence-based therapy approach, and “passion-finding” mentorship programs, we offer effective treatment options catered to any adolescent.

Treatment Philosophy: The Key Mantra

As the industry-leading teen sober living home for adolescents that have completed rehab or wilderness therapy, our lifelong goal at Key Healthcare’ is to provide patients with new and progressive experiences through proven, custom-tailored techniques.

Tailored Programs For Your Teen

Throughout treatment and recovery, outpatients can choose a Teen Sober Living Program, Key Housing for youth aged 14-17.
Besides offering teens a warm, home-like environment, Key Healthcare ensures that they have access to the treatment programs that best suit them, like:

Key Reminders:

Regarding the terms and regulations of Key Healthcare when admitting outpatients, see the following:
  • Stand-alone services like Mentorship and Companioning aren’t covered by insurance.
  • Most PPO insurance plans are accepted for Teen PHP, Teen IOP, and Teen Sober Living programs. Verify your insurance confidentially online right now.
  • Key Healthcare does not offer residential Treatment for Teens, however, we are experts in the space of teen treatment and would be happy to give you free advice, answer your questions and help point you in the right direction.
  • Key Companioning provides up to 24/7 support. Offering therapeutic/mentoring support in the comfort of the client’s homes will travel with the client or to the client if necessary.

FAQ: Halfway House vs. Sober Living

A healthy environment motivates a patient to achieve complete recovery from drug abuse and other medical concerns. However, when choosing a treatment center, you should first familiarize yourself with the difference between a halfway house and sober living.

Halfway House

Government agencies usually run this type of treatment facility. It has a dorm-like environment, making it look crowded. A halfway house tends to offer less expensive options in terms of costs since it has fewer amenities, little privacy, and less structure.

Teen Sober Living

These facilities are managed by non-government organizations (sometimes nonprofit groups) that provide a safe living environment for people in recovery. Sober living houses are structured more like private residences, and they provide their residents with a more private and comfortable ambiance. It’s worth mentioning that various rehab insurance Los Angeles options cover this treatment facility.

Key to Unlock

It is vital to research the best treatment facilities and procedures for your child’s long-term recovery. What matters most is not the cost, but the quality of a rehab center’s services can offer your child.
We’re here to help you and your family along this journey. If your teen has completed a wilderness program, teen drug rehab program, or any form of treatment – our teen sober living program will be a great fit for your child as they transition back into a positive lifestyle.