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Treatment Programs for Teens with Low Self Esteem in Los Angeles

Self esteem is a critical component in the development of a teenager’s mental health and well-being. Unfortunately, many teens suffer from low self esteem, which can lead to a variety of emotional and physical issues. As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the signs of low self esteem and to talk to your teen about their self worth.

Understanding Teenage Low-Self Esteem

What is Low Self-Esteem in Teens?

Low self-esteem in teens is defined as a lack of confidence in or negative view of oneself. Teenagers with low self-esteem often feel unworthy, unlovable, and incompetent. They may worry about what others think of them and compare themselves unfavorably to others. Low self-esteem can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

Teen Low Self-Esteem Causes

Causes of Low Self Esteem in Teenagers

Many factors can contribute to low self-esteem in adolescence, and oftentimes it’s not just one reason. For some teenagers, it may be due to academic pressures or bullying from classmates. Other teens may feel like they don’t fit in with their peers. Another common cause of low self-esteem in teens is feeling insecure about one’s appearance. In some cases, these issues can escalate, leading to out of control behavior. If you’re wondering where can I send my out of control teenager, we offer specialized programs for such situations.

Teen Low Self-Esteem

Signs and Effects of Low Self-Esteem in Teens

There are a variety of signs of low self-esteem in teenagers, and low self-esteem can have a number of short and long-term negative effects. Here are some of the common things to look for when it comes to low self-esteem in adolescence.


Teens with low self-esteem often have trouble succeeding in school. They may miss class, have difficulty paying attention, or struggle to complete assignments.


Since teens with low self-esteem may feel like they are not good enough, they may start to withdraw from friends and activities that they used to enjoy. This can continue to decrease their self-esteem even further.


Low self-esteem can lead to anxiety and depression. Teens with low self-esteem often have negative thoughts about themselves, leading to feelings of sadness and loneliness. They may also constantly worry what other think of them.


Teens may turn to illicit drugs or alcohol to cope with their self-esteem issues. This puts them at a higher risk for substance abuse. The physical effects of substance abuse can further lower self-esteem as well.


Low self-esteem is also a common sign and cause of eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. Teens may start to believe that they need to change their appearance in order to be accepted.


In extreme cases, low self-esteem can lead to thoughts of suicide. Teens may believe the only way to deal with their low self-esteem is to end their life. If you think your teen is in danger, it's important to get help right away.

Teen Low Self-Esteem Treatment Options

Treatment Programs for Teens with Low Self-Esteem in Los Angeles, CA

There are a number of different programs that can help teens with low self-esteem. These programs can provide teens with the tools they need to boost their self-esteem and confidence. Key Healthcare has a variety of programs for teens with low self-esteem. If you are interested in learning more about our treatment options, contact us today.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Our teen outpatient program to improve low self-esteem takes place 9 hours per week over the course of 4-12 weeks. Your teen will participate in therapy sessions that help them work through the reasons for their low self-esteem.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP)

Our adolescent PHP to improve low self-esteem takes place 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, for 3-4 weeks. Teens will attend therapy sessions where they will develop the coping skills needed to handle their self-esteem and treat underlying mental health issues.

Teen Residential Treatment Program

Key Healthcare’s teen residential treatment program is a 45-60 day program in Malibu, California, where adolescents receive the highest level of care, with 24/7 support.

Extended Care

Our male-only teen extended care to improve low self-esteem is a combination of our partial hospitalization program and sober living. Your teen will have around-the-clock support to treat all mental health and substance abuse issues related to his low self-esteem.

Individual and Group Therapy

We utilize a variety of individual and group therapy for teens to treat low self-esteem and dual-diagnosis substance abuse, including cognitive behavioraldialectical behavior, and acceptance and commitment therapy. During sessions, teens will learn coping skills and how to process their emotions.

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