Teen Residential Treatment For Adolescents near Monte Sereno California

Designed for adolescents facing complex emotional and mental health issues, this 45 to 60-day residential treatment program is a beacon of hope, endorsed by top therapists, psychiatrists, and educational consultants.

Our approach is not just about addressing symptoms; it’s about understanding the whole story of each teen. We specialize in what is known as dual diagnosis treatment. This means we look at the whole picture, considering both mental health and any co-occurring emotional or behavioral issues.

In this narrative of healing, we employ evidence-based clinical modalities. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are two cornerstones of our treatment. 

Our setting is more than just a facility; it’s a nurturing environment where each teen’s story is heard and validated. We believe in providing a safe and supportive space, where healing and recovery are not just goals but a journey we take together.

At Key Healthcare, we are dedicated to being a part of your teen’s story, helping them navigate through their challenges and emerge stronger and more resilient. Contact us now.

Key Healthcare Teen Residential Treatment Center

Up to 100% of the Costs Covered by Insurance

Key Healthcare works with a majority of health insurance providers and depending on your plan, 100% of the costs may be covered. Verify your insurance to get more information about your coverage.

Insurances We Accept

We may accept additional California insurance plans

What Conditions Can Monte Sereno Residential Programs for Teens Treat?

At our residential treatment center, teens receive treatment for a variety of issues, including but not limited to behavioral issues, mental health disorders, and:

So if you’re in Monte Sereno, California, or nearby and have a struggling teenager in your family, we’re here to help – contact us immediately.


What to Expect During Our Teen Residential Treatment Program

Key Healthcare’s dual diagnosis residential program for teens takes place over the course of 45-60 days in the heart of Malibu, and can assist with travel arrangements from Monte Sereno California. We offer comprehensive treatment that is tailored to the individual needs of each teen. Our team is made up of experienced clinicians, therapists, and other professionals who will provide teens with the support and guidance they need to make positive changes. The program utilizes evidence-based clinical modalities such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help teens overcome their challenges.

Icon representing one-on-one therapy session, highlighting Key Healthcare's personalized approach to residential teen treatment


Once a week, teens will have an individual therapy session with a licensed counselor. A key component of our treatment program that allows your teen to explore the depth of their emotions and thoughts in a safe and confidential space.

A circle of teens bonding and supporting each other, reflecting the community and healing atmosphere of Key Healthcare's residential treatment


Group therapy, a fundamental element of our treatment plan, enables teenagers to share their journeys and learn mutually in an atmosphere that is both secure and conducive to support.

Surf Therapy for Teen Development


Alongside traditional therapies, we offer holistic and adventurous activities like yoga, art therapy, surf therapy, hiking, and music production. These are not just leisure activities but integral parts of your teen's healing process. Each of these therapies is designed to help your teen manage stress and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their passions.

A teenager focused on creative work in a therapeutic setting, symbolizing the integrative approach of Key Healthcare's residential treatment for teens


A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for both physical and mental health. All of our residential treatment facilities provide three daily healthy meals, healthy snacks, and access to exercise facilities.

Icon depicting a supportive community in teen residential care


The family unit plays a vital role in the treatment process. Our experienced therapists work with families to address communication issues, build healthy boundaries, and develop new coping skills that support long-term recovery.

An icon representing a stack of books, symbolizing the structured and educational aspect of the residential treatment program


We understand the importance of education for teens in our program, which is why we provide specialized academic support services. This includes curriculum and credit recovery through Mission Academy School, ensuring your child receives the necessary support to excel in their studies.

Therapists Specialized in Adolescent Residential Treatment for Families, near Monte Sereno, CA

Key Healthcare prides itself on a dedicated team of experts who work round-the-clock to ensure the well-being of your teen. Our staff comprises the medical team, licensed teen therapists, educational professionals, and caring support staff. Learn more about our experienced team and how they work to support your teen during recovery.

Meet the Team

We believe that the effectiveness of the treatment program relies heavily on the bond between the teen and their therapist, rather than solely on the clinical modalities and various therapeutic techniques employed. That is why our staff members are relatable, resourceful and fearless when it comes to finding creative solutions for each client.

Leadership Team

Dr. David Jacobson, PsyD, LCSW

David Jacobson (Dr. David), PsyD, LCSW, proudly possesses a rich 14-year history as a Clinical Director and researcher, focusing on Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Use at Key Healthcare.

Dr. Gregory Barnett, MD

Dr. Gregory Barnett, MD, is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, in his role as the Medical Director at Key Healthcare, Dr. Barnett is dedicated to providing unparalleled clinical and psychiatric care.

Vinsent Franke, CADC-II, MBA

Vincent Franke leverages 15 years of operational expertise to uphold Key Healthcare’s commitment to delivering top-tier care and expert-level treatment to all clients.

Michelle Smith

In her role as VP of Clinical Partnerships, Michelle is dedicated to advancing the mission of Key Healthcare by forging strategic alliances with clinical partners committed to delivering exceptional care to adolescents and their families.

Ryan Blivas

Ryan Blivas is a behavioral healthcare entrepreneur and teen mental health advocate who is passionate about finding solutions to combat the teen mental health crisis in America.

Evan Powell

Evan Powell is one of the co-founders of Key Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by his own treatment journey, he and Ryan set out to change the narrative for clients, and help them find a brighter path.

Clinical & Medical Team

Chanelle Catuogno,  ACSW

Chanelle specializes in trauma therapy, trained in ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and brings years of experience from private practice to her role at Key Healthcare.

Rocky Trombetti, MA, AMFT

Rocky serves as a family and group therapist within the adolescent treatment programs at Key Healthcare, specializing in supporting teens through their journey to recovery.

James Wilcox, MA, AMFT

James Wilcox is a dedicated family and group therapist within the Teen Treatment Programs at Key Healthcare, providing specialized support to adolescents as they navigate their path to recovery.

Jordan Werner, AMFT

Jordan possess particular expertise in treating borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship challenges, and trauma-related experiences.

Matt Cox, CADAC -I

Matt is an experienced operations expert with a vast knowledge of both Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders.

Portrait of a smiling healthcare professional from Key Healthcare

Matt Metcalf is a DBT Program Director at Key Healthcare. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with adolescents and their families for over 15 years.

Phillip Codd

With years of experience in all levels of the care continuum, Phil leverages his knowledge and experience of Quality Assurance and Compliance to ensure operational excellence at Key Healthcare’s Outpatient Facility.

Knowledge and Expertise is Key

Our Accreditations and Affiliations

Knowledge and expertise are key to the success of our adolescent treatment programs. This is why we seek and renew various accreditations, affiliations and certifications related to our offerings. Our hope is that patients and families trust the care we provide.

We’re Here for Monte Sereno Families

Resources and Support Monte Sereno, CA

At Key Healthcare, we recognize the crucial impact of a supportive and nurturing high school environment on young individuals’ development. In our continuous effort to assist and guide you, we have compiled a comprehensive list of notable high schools in the Monte Sereno area which goes as Campbell Union High School District and Los Gatos – Saratoga Union High School District

This resource is meticulously crafted to support families in their quest to find the most suitable educational setting. It serves as a guide to help you, the students, in identifying a high school that not only meets your academic needs but also provides an environment conducive to overall growth and well-being.

Please note that the links and information provided in this resource are purely for informational purposes. They are intended to direct families to valuable educational resources within the Monte Sereno community. It’s important to mention that Key Healthcare does not have affiliations with the schools listed.

Mental Health Complexity Icon

Local Emergency and Mental Health Resources for Monte Sereno Families

  • Santa Clara County Lifeline: For immediate support, call 9-8-8.
  • Crisis Hotline:
    • Phone: Reach out at 1-855-278-4204 for crisis assistance.
    • Text: Send "RENEW" to 741741 for text-based support.
  • Santa Clara County Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT): The Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) plays a crucial role in addressing mental health crises and is available to help individuals in need, 24/7. Licensed clinicians and therapists are prepared to respond to situations of extreme distress, thoughts of suicide, or urgent psychiatric evaluation. For assistance, call 1-800-704-0900, available to everyone, anytime.
    • Phone for minors (under 18): 408-379-9085
    • Services: Available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese languages.

What is Teen Residential Treatment?

Our teen residential treatment center is a form of long-term mental health care place Monte Sereno where we provide focused and continuous care for adolescents aged 13 to 17. Imagine this center as a nurturing space where each day is dedicated to your teen’s well-being, mental health, and personal growth.

Our treatment center is not just any facility; it’s a specialized environment tailored to support teenagers around the clock. Here, we understand that each one of them has a unique story, distinct challenges, and individual aspirations. With this in mind, we develop personalized treatment programs for each. Our goal is not just to address your teen’s issues but to empower them to unlock their full potential. Think of our center as a journey towards a healthier, more productive life. 

At Key Healthcare, we see you not just as teens needing care but as young individuals on the path to becoming the best versions of yourselves. We are here to guide, support, and see your teen live a productive life.

Brain Health Icon


Our programs help treat a variety of adolescent mental health conditions.

Dedicated Healthcare Professional Icon


We utilize various evidence-based therapies to treat your teen’s condition.

Key Healthcare Teen Treatment Program - Comprehensive Care for Adolescents in a Supportive Environment


We accept most private health insurance plans.

Monte Sereno California Teen Residential Treatment FAQ’s

How does Monte Sereno integrate family dynamics into their teenage residential treatment programs?
At Key Healthcare, we recognize the critical role families play in the residential treatment of teens. Our approach does everything to connect families with comprehensive methods such as therapy, educational resources for parents, continuous communication, and support groups, all dedicated to creating a positive setting for recovery success.
In what ways does Key Healthcare support families grappling with the repercussions of their teen's troubles?
For parents, we offer specialized education programs. These programs are designed to deepen your insights into your teenager's unique challenges. Our aim is to equip you with strategies that not only aid in understanding your teen's journey but also enhance your ability to support them effectively. Consistent communication is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe in informing you about your teen's progress, ensuring a transparent and collaborative partnership. This ongoing dialogue is crucial for maintaining trust and a shared understanding of the path ahead. Furthermore, we recommend participation in support groups. By doing so, we aim to create a nurturing and supportive home environment, one that is conducive to your teen's recovery and overall well-being.
What aftercare support and resources does Key Healthcare provide for Monte Sereno teenagers after their residential treatment completion?
At Key Healthcare, we understand that recovery is an ongoing journey. Our Teen Extended Care program is designed to support this crucial transition period. It offers a sober living environment to ease your return to daily life in Monte Sereno. This program includes family counseling and connections to local community resources, ensuring a smooth and supported transition from our care to your home and community. This approach is focused on maintaining and building upon the progress you've made during treatment.
What's the average expense for a teen's residential treatment program in Monte Sereno, and is any financial help available?
The cost of our residential treatment program for teens in Monte Sereno can vary. This variation depends on several factors, including the length of the program and the specific services provided. Each teen's journey is unique, and so is the treatment plan we design for them, which can influence the overall cost. However, we are keenly aware of the financial considerations that come with such decisions. To assist families, we offer various financial assistance options. These include - insurance coverage (verify your insurance here), scholarships, and payment plans.
What are the requirements and steps to enroll my teenager in Key Healthcare's residential treatment facility?
Connect with us for a confidential consultation with our admissions directors, delve into our admissions process via this link. If our services don't suit you, we're ready to refer you to several esteemed organizations in Monte Sereno, California.
What kind of specialized treatment is available for 15-year-old boys facing specific problems like substance addiction, behavioral difficulties, or mental health issues?
In our residential treatment program, we ensure every individual gets a personalized treatment plan. Your 15-year-old son will be no exception, receiving a program crafted specifically for his individual needs.
Does the program offer academic assistance to 17-year-old boys throughout their stay?
Yes, our program provides academic support for 17-year-old boys, as well as adolescents of all other ages and genders, throughout their stay.
What is the typical residential treatment duration (length of stay) for a 14-year-old girl from Monte Sereno, California?
Age is not a decisive factor in the length of residential treatment. This means a 14-year-old girl, alongside teen boys and teens of any gender, generally spends between 45 to 60 days in treatment tailored to their unique requirements and the program’s structure.
In what ways does a teen residential treatment program cater to the specific needs of LGBTQ+ 14-year-olds?
For LGBTQ+ adolescents, including 14-year-olds, our program offers specialized, individualized support tailored to their unique needs, just as we do for other age groups and genders.
Can you describe the admission process for 16-year-old girls in your residential treatment services?
Our admission process is uniform for all 16-year-old adolescents, including girls, boys, and LGBTQ+ individuals. You can learn more about it on our website.
What treatment options are available for my unruly teenager?
For a teenager who is hard to control, our residential treatment program for teens might be the solution. Contact us for more information.
Diverse group of smiling teens in a friendly gathering, representing the community and support at Key Healthcare's residential treatment program

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