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Playa Del Rey Teen Mental Health Treatment

According to Los Angeles County Department Of Mental Health, Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 15- to 24-year olds and 90% of those who die by suicide are battling a mental illness. 

There are a number of reasons why many young adolescents and teens have a mental illness, including genetics, energy drinks, substance abuse, family issues, peer pressure, and academic pressure. The figures and facts are alarming, and parents need to identify symptoms of mental health issues early on and help teens get treatment as quickly as possible.

Key Healthcare has many options of mental health treatment for teens, including therapy, medication, and other interventions to treat some common mental issues among teens in Playa Del Rey.

  • Teen Depression Treatment
  • Teen Anxiety Treatment
  • Teen Trauma Treatment
  • Teen Internet Addiction Treatment
  • Teen ADHD Treatment
  • Teen OCD Treatment
  • Teen Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

Playa Del Rey California Teen Mental Health Treatment Insurance Options


Playa Del Rey California Teen Mental Health Treatment and Therapy

Teen mental health treatment at Key Healthcare takes an integrative approach—addressing mind, body, and spirit.

Residential treatment is a standard treatment for teen depression, ADHD, OCD, and other However, research shows that the best programs are comprehensive and include multiple treatment modalities. For example, therapeutic interventions like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy help teens better manage their emotions, thoughts, and negative behaviors.

Key Healthcare’s Playa Del Ray California Teen treatment for mental health issues includes the most appropriate number of hours per week of clinical and experiential therapy based on their unique needs and schedule.

Therapies Available
We Provide Round-the-clock care, on-call, or accompanying clients during certain activities.

Our Team

Ryan Blivas

Ryan Blivas is one of the co-founders of Key Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA.

Evan Powell

Evan Powell is one of the co-founders of Key Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA.

Nick Lodato, LMFT

As Executive Director, Nick oversees the quality of care clients receive and focuses on improving their daily lives.

Matt Metcalf, MSW, LCSW, BICBT-CC

Matt Metcalf is the founder and owner of DBT Tri-Counties, a clinical social work practice.

Marc Heiser, MD

Dr. Marc Heiser, MD/PHD, is a board-certified psychiatrist who holds both an MD and a PHD in neuroscience from USF.

Ali Angle, MA, AMFT

Ali's approach is grounded in continued assurance of a safe environment, where she strives to help clients connect with themselves.

Garland Gerber, MA, MFT, CADAC-II

Garland is a family systems expert who spends time advocating for Substance Use Disorders with the Los Angeles District Attorney.

Lauren Dummit, LMFT

Lauren is experienced in treating trauma and addiction (eating disorders, substance abuse, & other behavioral addictions.)

Eric Katende, MA, AMFT

Eric describes himself as LGBTQIA+ affirmative, promoting body positivity and well versed in issues related to gender.

Frances Cocksedge, MA, AMFT

Frances' approach draws from her creative background, integrating expressive arts with psychodynamic analysis.

Matt Cox, CADAC -I

Matt is an experienced operations expert with a vast knowledge of both Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders.

Katrina Sullivan

Katrina graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology. She has brought this expertise and car to her role as she helps families navigate the admissions process.

Alicia Brown

After spending 3 years in admissions, Alicia brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to help spread awareness of Key Healthcare.

Chanelle Catuogno

Chanelle specializes in surf therapy, where she has been a professional surf instructor for the past 6 years.

Julia Mond, MA, AMFT

Julia is a former professional actress. She utilizes this skill to bring trauma-informed psychodrama into the therapeutic space.

Connor Gray, CADAC

Conor has gained experience working in the field of recovery services as a recovery coach and support staff for 7 years.

Hagan Black, CADAC-II

Black has participated in many behavioral health organizations, and has held leadership roles in each.

Argesti Stephanian, M.S.

Argishti is Key Healthcare’s Academic Director and Family Academic Advisor.

Vinsent Franke, CADC-II, MBA

Vinsent brings 15 years of operational experience to ensure quality of care and expert-level treatment is delivered to all clients.

Kash Dabbagh Key Healthcare Staff

Kash has 6+ years of experience working with teens and their families through various roles in the mental health setting. He is now a Case Manager and Group Facilitator.

Key Healthcare – Best Teen Mental Health Treatment Near Playa Del Rey

Key Healthcare is a teen addiction treatment center dedicated to improving the lives of struggling teens and young adults in Los Angeles. Since opening in 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of youth 13-17 years old get back on their feet, find happiness in life, and develop the mental strength to deal with the troubles of everyday life. Our teen mental health treatment programs are designed to help adolescents and their families at different stages of their life.

  • Evidence-based clinical treatment
  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
  • Mentorship and Companioning
  • Key Companioning (All Ages)
  • Teen Sober Living (Transitional Housing)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (Teen IOP)
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (Teen PHP)

We’re here to help your teenager find their path. If you’re looking for teen mental health treatment for yourself or a loved one in Playa Del Rey 90293
Contact Us and see how we can help.


Different Causes for Teen Depression:

“Key Healthcare depression treatment has been a lifesaver for our daughter and family. Everyone we dealt with on their team has been so supportive in more ways than one.”
Family & Client Review
“Key Healthcare has been a valuable resource in my recovery from depression, trauma, and anxiety. I’m so grateful to my parents for finding this company when they did. It completely changed my life.”
“Key Healthcare has completely changed my life. They taught me the skills and tools I needed to stop smoking weed and be more positive. I am forever grateful for my therapy sessions at Key Healthcare. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.”

How Can You Reach Key Healthcare from Playa Del Rey

Key Healthcare is a teen mental health treatment centre in Los Angeles that provides evidence-based treatment for teens and young adults struggling with various issues, such as Anxiety, Internet Addiction, Trauma, ADHD, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and more.

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Teen Mental Health Treatment Playa Del Rey CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Key Healthcare teen mental health treatment in Playa Del Rey accept insurance?
Yes our Playa Del Rey Adolescent Mental health treatment program accepts most PPO insurance plans
How do I know if my teenager needs mental health treatment therapy?
If your teen is struggling with severe depression, anxiety, stress, isolates themselves, engages in any form of self harm, or severe defiance and behavioral issues, then your teenager will benefit from therapy. Our Playa Del Rey teen mental health treatment program can help.
What type of adolescent mental health treatment does the Key Healthcare offer?
Our Playa Del Rey teen mental health treatment program is catered to your teens unique situation. We structure a plan for your child using evidence based CBT methods, talk therapy including Individual, group and family therapy.


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