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Chanelle Catuogno

Surf Therapist

Chanelle specializes in surf therapy, where she has been a professional surf instructor for the past 6 years.

Chanelle attained a BA in Business, with a concentration in Spanish from Arizona State University. She later went back to school at ASU to receive her Master’s of Social Work. Chanelle has worked as a youth group therapist for the past three years at Every Kid Swims, Dangerfield institute of Urban Problems, Urban Surf, and Key Healthcare. She specializes in surf therapy where she has been a professional surf instructor and mentor for the past 6 years. She lived in Puerto Rico for a few years working with local at- risk youth in both group and surf therapy settings. Chanelle has special experience working with sexual trauma and is trained in ACT, (Acceptance commitment therapy). Chanelle emphasizes on meeting the clients needs and helping to empower youth to achieve their desired therapeutic outcomes.

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