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Teen Group Therapy

If your teen is struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder, group therapy may help. Group therapy can provide much-needed support and guidance while your teen works to overcome their issues. Group therapy can also help teach your teen how to interact with others in a healthy way, which can be vital for their future success.

Understanding Teen Group Therapy

What is Teen Group Therapy?

Teen group therapy is a form of counseling that involves groups of adolescents who share similar issues. The group is moderated by a professional therapist or counselor, and may involve up to eight or nine teens, depending on the program.
The primary focus of group therapy for teens is to provide adolescents with a safe, supportive space in which they can cope with their issues, learn to become more self-aware, and grow resilience. In addition, group therapy can be a great way for teens to learn important life skills such as problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution.

What to Expect in Teen Group Therapy

How Does Group Therapy for Teens Work?

Group therapy for teens generally follows a loose format. The therapist will start the session by introducing the topic and offering an overview of what they plan to cover. The group will then discuss their feelings and experiences on the topic, while the therapist offers guidance and support. During the session, teens are encouraged to share their stories and perspectives. Through this process, they can learn from each other and build a sense of trust and understanding between one another.
As the session progresses, the therapist will provide resources and tools to help teens develop healthy coping skills and make positive changes in their lives. At the end of the session, the therapist will provide a summary of what was discussed and offer guidance for further exploration.

Teenage Group Therapy Benefits

Benefits of Teenage Group Therapy

Teenage group therapy is a great tool when combined with individual therapy as it allows teens to work through their issues with others going through the same thing. Some of the benefits of teen group therapy include:


Group therapy can help teens build better communication skills and learn how to interact with others in a positive way.


Group therapy helps teens become more aware of their emotions and actions allowing them to manage these things in a healthier way.


Teens will learn from therapists how to better cope with their issues and manage stress in a healthy way. They can also get tips from others on ways they cope.


Teens will gain confidence by learning to find their voice. Encouragement from peers helps with using their voice more often as well. This is especially helpful for teens with social anxiety.


Group therapy can help teens feel less isolated. Knowing there are others who understand and have gone through similar experiences can be a great source of comfort.


Teens will learn to be more understanding and compassionate towards others who are going through tough times, even if they have a differing opinion.

Teen Group Therapy by Key Healthcare

Teen Group Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Key Healthcare provides teen group therapy as a part of our treatment programs. Group therapy will be held throughout the week alongside individual therapy sessions. In addition to these, we also offer residential programs for troubled youth, which is an intensive program designed to provide a structured and supportive environment for adolescents facing various challenges. To learn more about our intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential, and extended care programs, contact us today.

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