Teen Lack of motivation therapy

Several scenarios may affect a teenager’s lack of motivation. Most of the time, one’s mental and emotional state influences their actions, resulting in tardiness, Lack of effort, and sometimes substance abuse. Our Los Angeles Teen intensive outpatient program and mentorship program offers helps teens who struggle with a Lack of Motivation the ability to separate all of the triggering factors and identify how to address them properly. This involves one-on-one therapy sessions with our clinical staff and helps your adolescent dive deep into one’s experiences and find the causes, which, either intrinsic or extrinsic, can affect.

Who is Qualified to Participate in This Therapy?

At Key Healthcare, can offer the best possible help by providing teen substance abuse treatment and by our teen mental health treatment to cure their various addictions. We  also aim to help teenagers that struggle with drug abuse and mental illness find themselves again. Lack of motivation can happen to anyone at any age. It’s innate in almost everyone at some point in life.

Kinds of Therapy for Lack of Motivation

Teenage Lack of motivation usually has an underlying factor for why it happens. Usually, it involves a mental state, like depression, self-worth issues, past traumas, drug abuse, or family turmoil. Not all teens who lack motivation suffer all of these at once. To identify the Lack of motivation from a teenager, our teen treatment programs and licensed therapists follow evidence-based therapy treatments such as:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This first therapy acts as one of the best solutions to understand someone’s behavior. It involves discussing the nature of one’s person while creating awareness about their abilities. With this type of therapy, our therapists tackle the possibilities and strengths of a person, inspiring them to challenge themselves.
We’ll also identify all of the negative feelings the teenager has to help improve themselves. That way, they can understand what factors they can change, what ability they already have.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

The second therapy that can also help with Lack of motivation is Motivational Interviewing. In this method, the therapist helps the patient thoroughly assess their behavior by changing their way of thinking.

Here Are Five Common Steps of This Therapy

This stage shows that the patient is still not aware of the changes one can achieve. Their lack of awareness is the reason why they are in this first stage. People suffering from a lack of motivation are currently at this stage.
At this point, there is an awareness about their abilities and what possible changes they can create using them. The patient at this stage already has enlightenment of the possibilities through the help of the therapist.
The patient is preparing oneself to do a particular task. It can be anything as long as you plan on stepping out of your comfort zone.
It only means that the change is already occurring and the patient reached their goal.
In this last step, the only goal is to maintain that drive to do anything and not be hindered by fear. That way, you’ll be able to prolong that positive behavior change.

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