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Teen Trauma and PTSD Treatment

Life is never easy on anyone. Some people experience severe family traumas, witness tragedies, or have deadly accidents in their lives. Some have suffered abuse in their youth. Any concerned parent or loved one will fear for their teen’s mental safety. The effects may vary, but those kinds of events can result in traumatic illnesses that often need help from professionals.

A severe psychological disorder might arise in individuals who have been through a very traumatic experience in life. This is called post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. It negatively affects all areas of a teen’s life, from avoidance syndrome to frequent flashbacks and terrible nightmares. Moving forward from a traumatic event can be very difficult. Professional teen trauma treatment is one of the best recovery options.

How Does Trauma Affect Teens?

Traumatic memories and experiences are difficult to get rid of, especially in teens. In addition, the effect of trauma differs from one person to another. Below are some of them:
  • Feeling nervous or angry due to their trauma. 
  • When the case gets worse, they use drugs or alcohol or get involved in a fight.
  • Some are promiscuous, overeat, or run away to deal with their trauma.
  • Disturbed sleep routines 
  • Inability to concentrate in school. 
  • Continuous flashbacks, leading to fear and the sense that the traumatic event keeps happening repeatedly.
  • The feeling of being disconnected from their bodies. Uncontrollable reactions and rage. If not immediately treated, this can dramatically affect the teen’s well-being.

What is Teen Trauma PTSD Treatment?

Teens tend to respond very differently to PTSD treatments, so doctors look for the best possible way to identify and approach a patient’s trauma. They often start by dealing with the underlying causes to minimize symptoms in whatever way is effective. While traumatic experiences are likely to trigger depression and anxiety, symptoms have to be very severe for someone diagnosed with PTSD. Teens react to the same circumstances differently, so the causes of PTSD can be subjective.

There Are Several Types of Teen Trauma Treatments Available:

Talk Therapy — Addresses the traumatic event gradually. Allows the teen to develop a coping mechanism, preventing them from agonizing and reacting uncontrollably.
Individual/Group Therapy — Provides a safe place for a teen to face the traumatic event they experienced and the symptoms that followed. They feel relaxed, safe, and understood. This type of therapy can be incredibly effective, providing teens with individual sessions or a circle of people who know and understand what they’re going through.
Medication — PTSD itself is not commonly treated with medication, but it can help reduce the associated symptoms of anxiety. In this case, medication is used to minimize the risk of self-harm or suicide attempts.

What Are The Primary Goals of Teen Trauma Treatment?

As a caring parent or loved one, it is best to understand that trauma treatments are beneficial even before your teen begins therapy sessions. It is also essential to be aware of your teen’s trauma, triggers, and how they react to them. Cited below are some of the primary goals of teen trauma PTSD Treatment:
  • Equip teens with safe coping skills to prevent relapse.
  • Help them get over drug or substance addictions caused by trauma.
  • Assist them in regaining control.
  • Help them understand their hereditary traumas.
  • Divert their focus from the past event and into the present.
  • Try to lessen or eliminate the trauma symptoms.
  • Make them accept or overcome the reality of the traumatic event that occurred in the past.
Remember, it is essential to be there for your child and let them know the benefits and need for a trauma PTSD treatment.

Teen Trauma Treatment at Key Healthcare

Teen Trauma Treatment at Key Healthcare helps teens with PTSD fully understand their traumatic experiences and cope with their symptoms. Our teen trauma PTSD treatment is incorporated in various programs to achieve long-lasting recovery results. Moreover, your teen will have the support, guidance, and motivation to face their traumas and fears confidently.

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