teenagers weed and alcohol usage

Learn Why Teens Like Weed and Alcohol So Much

Being a teenager is difficult. It is during this time that we come across many new things. Because they want to be accepted, it is very easy to mold a teenager into being manipulated into doing something. One of the most common things that most teenagers try is drug use, often propelled by peer pressure. Be it alcohol or marijuana, most teenagers find drugs fascinating. They find the joy and pleasure that they derive from alcohol or marijuana to be incomparable to anything else they have experienced in their short lives. Both of these drugs impart hallucinations and a sense of euphoria that causes people to feel good, but both marijuana and alcohol have diverse effects on the mental and physical health of individuals. This article discusses the different consequences of consuming alcohol and marijuana as a teen, as well as teen alcohol treatment, and teen marijuana treatment in the Los Angeles area.

Short-Term Effects of Weed and Alcohol Consumption

There are certain short-term effects of alcohol and weed consumption that may vary from person to person. These feelings are a core reason why teens like weed and alcohol so much. Getting high on weed or drunk on alcohol may have similar effects on some people, while others say that the sensation feels very different. Why teens like weed and alcohol so much despite coughing heavily, or seeing their friends get sick comes down to the feelings they experience when on the substances.
Alcohol has different effects on different people. While some people might feel relaxed, others might feel slightly restless. Some of the short-term effects of alcohol consumption are drowsiness, slurred speech, giddiness, impairment of cognitive skills, shorter attention span, and inability to focus. Anyone who isn’t accustomed to drinking may also experience vomiting and nausea. A hangover may lead to diarrhea and blinding headaches. Weed also has some immediate effects on an individual. People experience side effects like distorted cognitive skills, impaired reflexes and coordination, judgment abilities, drowsiness, pain relief, dry mouth, increased feeling of hunger, redness of eyes, and many more.

The Long-term Health Risks Associated with Weed and Alcohol

There are several health risks associated with alcohol and weed consumption that might remain for a prolonged period. However, just like the short-term effects associated with these intoxicants, the long-term effects also vary from person to person.
Los Angeles Teens who consume alcohol may need a teen alcohol abuse program and could experience any of these long-term effects.

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage. This affects the body’s ability to remove harmful toxins.
  2. It can also lead to pancreatitis.
  3. A teen who starts heavy drinking from a young age is likely to develop cardiovascular disease.
  4. Drinking large quantities of alcohol causes irritation of the stomach and leads to ulcers, bloating, irritation, acid reflux disease, etc. which can become fatal as one grows older.
  5. Prolonged drinking from a young age leads to a tingling sensation and numbness of the limbs as nerves are affected.
  6. Decreased sperm counts and irregular ovulation can occur when one starts drinking from a young age. He may experience infertility or erectile dysfunction as he grows older.
  7. Similarly, marijuana also has some long-term health effects on teens.
  8. Some studies have established an association between schizophrenia and marijuana consumption. It has been said that weed consumption may trigger the early onset of schizophrenia in certain people who begin smoking it during their teenage years.
  9. A young person who starts consuming weed may experience issues of brain development later in life. However, whether the issues are permanent is still not yet confirmed. Learn the signs of marijuana use in teens.

Effects of Intoxication on the Teen Brain

Any form of intoxication is bad for the human brain as it damages the nerves. Multiple studies conducted over the years prove that alcohol consumption has adverse effects on the human brain. Those individuals who drink from a very young age have diminished grey matter in their brains. They also face problems like loss of memory or lack of attention.
Marijuana also hinders brain development in teens and adversely affects individuals. Studies have shown that marijuana has more of an adverse effect on the teen brain compared to alcohol. Prolonged teen marijuana use may lead to a long-term decline in cognitive ability. Therefore, marijuana is slightly more harmful than alcohol regarding its effect on the human brain. If you suspect your teen of smoking weed, contact us for a free and confidential discussion about our Los Angeles teen marijuana rehab.

Effect of Alcohol Vs. Marijuana on Other Organs of the Body

The human body is a complex machine where different organs work in conjunction with one another. However, prolonged consumption of alcohol from a young age can affect the different organs and create multiple ailments such as liver disease. Another risk that is associated with alcohol consumption is alcohol poisoning. In this case, an individual may start vomiting, have trouble breathing, and could potentially lose their life.
Marijuana, while still a harmful drug among teens, has been found useful for many medicinal purposes. Doctors prescribe it as a cure for many diseases. It is also used legally in many countries. However, the problem begins when it is used solely for recreational purposes. Studies have shown that weed can lead to an increased risk of heart attack and also contribute to breathing problems that might be life-threatening.

If your teen is using alcohol or marijuana, and you are aware of their dependency on these drugs, it’s time to get ahead of the addiction before it gets worse. At Key Healthcare we are teen drug addiction specialists. Our experts and professionals will incorporate evidence-based therapeutic methods to help with your teen marijuana treatment and teen alcohol treatment. Our experts are trained specifically to deal with teens, and know how to get through to them. They understand their psychology, know how to help them WANT to change their behaviors, and guide them to a better tomorrow. Contact us today for a free and confidential call