How to Deal with teenage Isolation


Teenage Isolation:  The basics

Some teenagers are constantly facing social challenges and feeling insecure.

When these issues start setting in, teens might be subjected to social isolation.

A study at the University of Michigan confirmed that teens have an intense fear of rejection from their peers.

The study also suggests that the part of the brain that activates physical pain is also the same one that triggers social rejection.


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Effects of Teenage Isolation

– Trouble sleeping. – Suicidal thoughts. – Using or abusing substances. – Being depressed and anxious. – Stress increase. – Lack of interest in life. – Neglecting self-care and personal hygiene. – Loss of appetite


Helping your child deal with isolation

– Talk to your teen

– Encourage them to unplug

– Promote the benefits of extracurricular activities

– Exercise together


If you feel like your teen is depressed, and needs therapy