Have you looked into Teen Mental Health Treatment options yet?

Teen Mental Health Treatment



Pre-Teen and Teen Mental Health

Mental health is an essential part of children’s and adolescents’ overall health.

However, since people in this Age (10-19 years) are expected to have mood swings due to puberty and other natural changes in the body.

The Most Common Causes of Mental Illnesses in Teenagers



Peer Pressure

Social Phobias

Experts explain that adolescents face a significant amount of stress and pressure brought by everyday matters.



Crucial Data and Statistics about Teen Mental Health

Teenage Mental Health Statistics 2020 released by the World Health Organization (WHO)

- One out of six people is an Adolescent (Aged 6-17), the global burden of Mental Diseases affecting Teenagers accounts for 16%.

- It shot up to 75% by the Age of 24.

- The 4th leading cause of death in Teens between 15 and 19 is suicide



Most Common Teenage Mental Illness Symptoms


Always worrying about something

An intense feeling of fear and criticisms

Prolonged feeling of extreme feeling of sadness/tiredness

Extreme lack of appetite or increased hunger

Overuse of alcohol, drugs, and other substances




How Can You Help Your Teen with Mental Illness?

no matter how challenging, you should take a step to provide support and seek help before it’s too late.

- Encourage them to open their feelings, to show you their emotions, value what they feel, as well as their opinions and ideas.

- You can help your Teen identify who are the Best People they can talk to.

- Promote Good Teen Mental Health Treatment

- You can talk to different professionals, such as local mental health services, social workers, school counselors, and community health services.



Teen Mental Health Treatment Options

Residential treatment programs

Hospital Inpatient Treatment for Mental Health

Outpatient Teen Mental Health Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Group Teenage Therapy.

Individual Teenage Therapy.

Treating adolescents for mental health illnesses requires time, patience, and genuine care. The good thing is, you, as a parent, don’t need to do it alone.



How to Find the Right Treatment Center?

Do not randomly choose one because it’s convenient, and don’t think that every service, Protocols, and Process are the same.

A Reliable Teen Mental Health Treatment Facility carries out High-Quality Evaluation and Uses Personalized Plans and Programs covering every aspect, including Physical, Emotional, and Mental.



Myths and Facts about Teen Mental Health Illness

- Teenagers with Mental Illnesses is that they are Violent and Dangerous and will Worsen when they become Adults.

- Therapy For Kids is a Waste of Time

- Many people think that when a person with a mental illness goes to a clinic, the doctor will just prescribe medication.

- Mental Illness is a Sign of Personal Weakness