The Psychological Effects of Yelling At A Child/Teen

The Potential Psychological Effects of Yelling at a Teen should be considered, and Parents should try to deal with their Anger without Yelling at their Teen.

Is Yelling at My Teen As a Parent Bad?

Yelling at your teenager will often make your teenagers shun you, and become further reluctant to respect your parental authority.

What Does Yelling Do To a Child?

- It can take an Emotional toll on the Adolescent.

- Yelling at your Teenager gives them the attention they want and encourages them to act out in more Dramatic Ways.

As a Parent You Can Do Instead of Yelling at Your Teen

- Establish a list of acceptable behaviors and consequences.

- You should avoid such Behaviors and Habits (smoking, drugs, alcohol) that can influence your child.

- Praise your Child for their Good Behavior

As Parents, How You Can Control Yelling at Your Teen?

- If you find out why you blow a gasket, you will be able to control it better.

- Following the Advice of a Professional

- Specialists recommend Families sit down together and create a “Yes” List.

- Listen to Your Anger, as Opposed to Ignoring it.

- Let Go of Parenting Guilt

- Avoid Physical Discipline


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