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Westchester Teen Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Keyhealthcare offers Intensive Outpatient Programs in Westchester, 90210 to help teens aged 14-17 years, suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. Participants from Westchester attend group therapy and life skill classes for at least 9 hours a week. Unlike inpatient treatment or residential treatment programs where patients would live in the center, clients can attend an IOP while continuing to go to school.

We provide a safe, structured, and self-directed environment to help teens from Westchester deal with their addiction, behavioral and mental problems. Instead of weekly therapy sessions that are open-ended, our Teen IOP program is more focused, and we make sure that each session has a clear goal.

Benefits of Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (Teen IOP)

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program, or Teen IOP, is a good option for teens who don’t have major mental health issues but still need support. The teen IOP in Westchester is typically designed to address issues affecting a teen’s life at school, home, and friends.

We believe that teens deserve a better chance. So we work hard to help them get out of addiction and stay well, by offering evidence-based treatment, recovery services, and educational assistance. Our services include substance abuse treatment, family therapy, recovery services, educational assistance, and a team to educate teens on drugs.

  • Learn the skills to lead a better and healthy life.
  • Find new passion in life through self-discovery.
  • Make friends, connect more with people around while recovering.
  • Understanding and becoming aware of the main causes of addiction and SUD
  • Stay motivated and sober throughout your life.

Family & Client Review

“Key Healthcare depression treatment has been a lifesaver for our daughter and family. Everyone we dealt with on their team has been so supportive in more ways than one.”
“Key Healthcare has been a valuable resource in my recovery from depression, trauma, and anxiety. I’m so grateful to my parents for finding this company when they did. It completely changed my life.”
“Key Healthcare has completely changed my life. They taught me the skills and tools I needed to stop smoking weed and be more positive. I am forever grateful for my therapy sessions at Key Healthcare. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.”


Supportive Team for Your Teen's IOP Journey

Ryan Blivas Key Healthcare

Ryan Blivas is one of the co-founders of Key Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA.

Evan Powell

Evan Powell is one of the co-founders of Key Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by his own treatment journey, he and Ryan set out to change the narrative for clients, and help them find a brighter path.

Nick Lodato Licenses Family Therapist Key Healthcare Los Angeles

As Executive Director, Nick oversees the quality of care clients receive and focuses on improving their daily lives.

Vinsent Franke, CADC-II, MBA

Vinsent brings 15 years of operational experience to ensure quality of care and expert-level treatment is delivered to all clients.

Matt Metcalf, MSW, LCSW, BICBT-CC

Matt Metcalf is the founder and owner of DBT Tri-Counties, a clinical social work practice.

Marc Heiser, MD

Dr. Marc Heiser, MD/PHD, is a board-certified psychiatrist who holds both an MD and a PHD in neuroscience from USF.

Ali Angle, MA, AMFT

Ali's approach is grounded in continued assurance of a safe environment, where she strives to help clients connect with themselves.

Garland Gerber, MA, MFT, CADAC-II

Garland is a family systems expert who spends time advocating for Substance Use Disorders with the Los Angeles District Attorney.

Lauren Dummit, LMFT

Lauren is experienced in treating trauma and addiction (eating disorders, substance abuse, & other behavioral addictions.)

Eric Katende, MA, AMFT

Eric describes himself as LGBTQIA+ affirmative, promoting body positivity and well versed in issues related to gender.

Frances Cocksedge, MA, AMFT

Frances' approach draws from her creative background, integrating expressive arts with psychodynamic analysis.

Matt Cox, CADAC -I

Matt is an experienced operations expert with a vast knowledge of both Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders.

Katrina Sullivan

Katrina graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology. She has brought this expertise and care to her role as she helps families navigate the admissions process.

Alicia Brown

After spending 3 years in admissions, Alicia brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to help spread awareness of Key Healthcare.

Chanelle Catuogno

Chanelle specializes in surf therapy, where she has been a professional surf instructor for the past 6 years.

Julie Mond, MA, AMFT

Julie brings a holistic approach where all parts of ourselves are welcome, mind, body, and soul. She believes in the deep healing transformational power of the creative expressive arts, weaving creative writing, theater, and art into her work, especially with groups.

Connor Gray, CADAC

Conor has gained experience working in the field of recovery services as a recovery coach and support staff for 7 years.

Argishti Stephanian, M.S.

Argishti is Key Healthcare’s Academic Director and Family Academic Advisor.

Kash Dabbagh

Kash has 6+ years of experience working with teens and their families through various roles in the mental health setting. He is now a Case Manager and Group Facilitator.

Sam Meyer

Sam graduated with a BA in Psychology from CU Boulder and has a background in directorial, admissions, direct care, and marketing roles in mental health treatment.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program that Improves Lives

Teen IOP Admissions Process

By critically evaluating our patients, we’re able to know what type of treatment will work best for each teen, depending on their needs. We follow the admission process for Westchester Teen as outlined below.
  • The admission of your teen will be in treatment with us for 30-120 days.
  • Parents need to fill out an initial pre-assessment survey before admission of their teen. 
  • IOP admissions staff will then collect answers to many questions about your child’s current functioning in the community.
  • Our expert will evaluate your child’s behavior, level of functioning on the basis of the survey and answers. 
  • With the help of the finding, we will create an appropriate teen treatment plan program for monitoring and progress

Outpatient Teen Treatment Family Participation

You’re an amazing parent, and you’ll play a vital role in your Teen rehabilitation. You may be invited to family therapy, which is a meeting with a therapist regularly. We see the magic happening with teens when the parents participate in their journey to graduate from our Teen IOP program.
Teens and parents can benefit from family therapy to help them deal with addiction struggles. You’re not alone, and we can help you understand what is happening to your teen and what changes in you can make things better for them. We’ll coach you on how to know if your teen is high, or smoking weeds, or what caused teen drug addiction, and more about tough situations and support you as parents while your child deals with addiction.
A struggling teen’s world can change with one right decision of a parent! Take that decision now.

Teen IOP Goals

Our Westchester-based adolescent outpatient program begins with a thorough assessment to determine the root cause of the problem behavior and the most effective treatment option. Our Teen group therapy and program goal includes
  • Teaching teens how to make healthy choices, both in their lives and with regard to their substance abuse.
  • We promote Social-emotional learning(SEL) experiential learning where youth learn to manage their social emotions, social behavior, and relationships through healthy life management skills. 
  • We help teens develop communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity skills.


How Can You Reach Us?

Located on the Westside of Los Angeles, Key Healthcare Treatment Center is ideally situated to provide services to people in the surrounding areas. Residents of Westchester can all easily access our facility by driving or taking public transportation.

How to drive from Westchester via car?

Teen IOP Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between An Inpatient And Outpatient Facility?
Inpatient refers to a facility where patients stay overnight, whereas outpatient facilities allow for freedom with treatments and support. Inpatient facilities are generally stricter and offer more Intensive therapies. On the other hand, outpatient facilities allow for more freedom with treatments and offer a higher level of support.
What can I expect in Key Healthcare Teen IOP For Addiction Treatment Or Substance Abuse?
During our teen IOP, the staff identifies and addresses the causes of addiction in teens. Learning to address these causes can help you and your teen learns relapse prevention to stay sober and enjoy your life in Westchester.
My friend in Westchester suggested IOP for my Teen son’s Mental Health. Can you please help me with this?
If your teen has suicidal thoughts or self-harming, then Inpatient programs will better suit them. Our Intensive Outpatient Program for mental health facilitates a smooth transition back to your daily life after inpatient treatment.
What is the difference between your teen Outpatient Program And the Partial Hospitalization program?
Our teen outpatient program is an intensive 12-16-week program with 9 hours a week. The partial hospitalization program is a 3 to 4-week program that runs 8 hours in a week.


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