teenage drug addiction solutions

Teenage Drug Addiction Solutions

Teen Drug addiction in Los Angeles and around the country seems to be increasing at an alarming rate. There are many reasons teens use drugs without even knowing drug addiction facts. Some teens are under immense pressure to overperform. However, many social and economic factors stand between them and the road to success. Many adolescents use drugs and often become addicts to escape from reality and disappointment, which eventually leads the parents to seek drug rehab for teens.

Consumption of drugs helps the brain to secrete various chemicals that can bring out feel-good and ecstatic emotions. Teens report they feel more relaxed under the influence of drugs. Teens do not report using drugs as a stairway to achieving their goals. If a parent or family member discovers a teen is taking drugs, it is time to look for the best solutions to help the adolescent.

Be wary though, some teens smoking Marijuana might not feel like they need help because it’s “legal” and “everyone smokes weed.” Teen marijuana addiction is one of the leading causes of general teen addiction treatment, and lack of motivation. If your teen is using Marijuana, learn about our Los Angeles teen marijuana treatment program.

Teenage Drug Addiction Solutions That Can Help

Parents, siblings, and teachers in school play vital roles in helping the teen get past their drug addiction. In this age of fast lifestyle, family disharmony, and broken marriages, teens are often frustrated, and they look for an escape route. It is a fact that successes and failures deeply influence teenagers. However, life is hard, and many times their expectations are destroyed. They take drugs to overcome the feelings of disappointment.
  • Be a Good Parent and Guide- Teenagers need at least one strong parent they can rely on. Parent should talk with their kids, understand their mental state and encourage them in all aspects. Not all teenagers will be rocket scientists, and not all first loves succeed. Teenagers need to learn to deal with disappointments while still having their dreams, too. As a parent, one should listen to the teenagers’ desires and passions and encourage the kids to move forward with them, but make them aware that the future is not guaranteed, and there might be failures and disappointments. Teenagers have a soft mind. Pressuring them too much to be perfect can encourage them to take drugs. Parents should also lead a healthy, drug free lifestyle and spend quality time with their kids.
  • Watch The Kids – One of the most practical solutions is to keep a vigil on your teenager’s activities. Talk with the teen if there is a sudden change in their behavior and lifestyle. Teenagers, too, have problems they cannot handle alone. Discuss various issues with them, share quality time with them, observe their social circles, and if anything seems abnormal, it is time to dig deep. Do not scare or scold them. Calmly discuss the harmful side effects of taking drugs and the potential health hazards. Explain that it can affect their other activities like sports, driving and even their looks.
  • Have Patience – Teenagers are naturally rebellious. They are coming into adulthood and don’t want to be told what to do. Be patient in making them understand the harmful side effects of taking drugs. Addressing/admitting addiction is not easy and often doesn’t happen overnight. Talk to them about drug use and teen drug rehab, let them know you are there for them, research our Teen Treatment Program so that you can have all available options under your belt. Let your teen know they have the support and care from the entire family and that you’re here to help the teen overcome the problem.
  • Avoid Harmful Media MessagesThe messages on social media, television, and in movies sometimes glamorize taking drugs, weed and drinking alcohol. It is time to explain to the teens that real and reel life are different. Explain to them that what they see or hear are just programs designed to earn money for the performers and producers and nothing else. It is best to guide teens to avoid these types of media messages.
  • Share Your Experience – As a parent or a teacher, if you had ever taken drugs and broken the habit, it is best to share your experiences. It can make the teen better understand the nasty side effects of taking drugs and how life can be beautiful even without consuming them. Don’t feel awkward or shy to share your personal experiences with the kids and how you came out of this addiction. Understand that the teen might say, “well you did it, why can’t I” – be ready to combat this argument.
  • Encourage The Teen To Say NO– Often, extreme peer pressure guides teenagers to take drugs. One day they give in and take it, but gradually it becomes a habit because of the feel-good factor and don’t care attitude. Guide the teens to say no to drugs or tell them to help their peers on drugs seek help for an addiction.
  • Teenage Drug Addiction Solutions – Get Professional Help – If the teen is into drugs, it is best to take professional help. One can consult a psychiatrist or counselor to guide the teen and shift the focus to mainstream life while avoiding drugs. You may also contact a Los Angeles teen drug rehab such as Key Healthcare to explore treatment options available to your teen. We offer free confidential consultations with experts, call us today.
Sometimes it is possible that your teen might be suffering from mental illness that’s the reason they might have started taking drugs so that they can be free from their thoughts so we can also help your child in fighting their mental problems. You can contact us today for your teen mental health services.
  • Often, many teenagers want to how to stop cocaine addiction along with various other drugs, but they do not know the process. Our intensive outpatient program for teens can provide the guidance they need. They don’t realize they need help from other people, so they relapse and continue taking drugs. Guidance is, therefore, a key factor for teen addiction and teen opioid addiction treatment. The experts know various techniques to guide the teenager into a good state of mind. Collective efforts by the parents, teachers in school, well-wishers, and rehab experts can also help the teenager find a solution to the drug addiction problems.
  • It’s never too late to research Teen Intervention methods! These teen interventions can be highly successful in getting through to your adolescent.


The solutions to drug addiction in teenagers are not complicated if the parents and family fight shoulder to shoulder with the struggling teen. One should never forget that every cloud has a silver lining. If you discover that your teenager is taking drugs and possibly addicted, talk with them openly, guide them properly and take them to the best professionals. Be tough but loving, but set examples with your lifestyle rather than your words. Help the teenagers to see the new dawn without drugs.

Contact our experts at Key Healthcare for a free, confidential consultation if you feel it’s time to consult professional experts for your teen’s addiction.